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3 x Genacol Advanced (90 caps + 30 caps FREE) & 1 x Genacol Instant (120 ml)

3 x Genacol Advanced (90 caps + 30 caps FREE) & 1 x Genacol Instant (120 ml)

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Genacol Advanced (90 caps + 30 caps FREE) : Enhanced Professional Collagen Formula

Genacol Advanced is an innovative and natural product which offers support for cartilage, promotes joint health and maintains joint and muscle flexibility & mobility.

Genacol Advanced contains Aminolock Collagen, manufactured using Genacol’s proprietary manufacturing process : Aminolock Sequence Technology.

Developed by Genacol’s Research & Development Division, this patent-pending technology focuses on the amino acids that are the building blocks of collagen. Following improved enzymatic hydrolysis, we obtain collagen with the lowest molecular weight in the world – less than 1 kilodalton.

Genacol Aminolock Collagen offers superior bioavailability and proven efficacy for joint health, and is backed by 3 scientific studies.

Genacol Advanced is a unique collagen matrix that stimulates the production of the principal types of collagen, making up 99% of all collagen found in the body, resulting in a far more complete product than the ones using only Type II collagen. Formulated from pure collagen, it produces incredible results when used regularly.

Genacol Advanced is enhanced with L-Lysine.
Genacol Advanced contains the amino acid L-lysine. Providing an additional complement of L-lysine promotes the biosynthesis of high quality native collagen in the body, notably in the cartilage of joints.

Principal Types of Collagen
Type I : Bones, tendons, ligaments and skin
Type II : Cartilage and structure of the eyes
Type III : Liver, lungs and arteries
Type IV : Kidneys and other internal organs
Type V : Cell surfaces, hair and placenta

Recommended for people who :

  • Wish to maintain healthy cartilage
  • Suffer from joint pain (knee, hip, neck, back, fingers, etc)
  • Suffer from diseases of the joints
  • Suffer from overworked joints
  • Suffer from limited movement
  • Suffer from sports injury

Active Ingredients :
Hydrolysed Collagen from bovine source……350mg
L-Lysine….......................................................  50mg

Inactive Ingredients :
Gelatin, Glycine, L-Proline, L-Leucine & Vegetable Magnesium Stearate

Dosage :
Take 3 to 4 caps once a day, at bedtime. For severe condition, take 3 caps half an hour before breakfast and 3 caps at bedtime. Ideally drink 1.5 litres of water daily.

Store in a cool and dry place. Refrigerate after opening.
Pregnant or lactating women and children under 12 yrs of age should consult their licensed health professional before taking any dietary supplement.


Genacol Instant (120ml)

Genacol Instant is a natural anti-inflammatory topical gel containing extract of Arnica and Genacol microbeads. Arnica is a plant that has been used in Europe for decades to fight muscle and joint pain and inflammation. Genacol Instant does not contain any heating or cooling agents that create an intense sensation on the skin. Its light wintergreen scent is soothing on application and fades quickly.

Massage painful area with Genacol Instant for quick and deep relief of muscular and joint pain. Allow to penetrate. Repeat if needed. Genacol Instant relieves pain at the moment of application.

Recommended for people who :

  • Want quick relief from pain and/or inflammation of muscles and joints (such as sprains, bruises)

Active Ingredients :

Arnica Montana L. (Asteraceae)

(Flower extract)....... 5%

Topical Dosage (Adults) :

Apply on affected areas as needed