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Why Choose Genacol

Unique features

AminoLock® collagen is a unique ingredient to Genacol that helps to maintain healthy joint*. It has the lowest molecular weight in the world, allowing superior bioavailability*.

Unique Features

The effectiveness of AminoLock® collagen for joint health is proven by three published and internationally recognized clinical studies. In addition, this technology is patent pending.

Our range of products is the solution for joint and bone health.

Genacol offers natural health products with the highest standard of quality, safety and efficacy in the market. The products is manufactured under medical grades facilities according to the highest biotech standards and comply with all government requirements.

This explains why Genacol is the most widely used product line for joint health in Quebec.
Genacol has won the Consumer’s Choice Award for the fifth consecutive year. Since 2000, Genacol’s presence in more than 40 countries has made it a leader in joint health.

Feel the Genacol difference.

AminoLock® Collagen

The Aminolock® Collagen is a bioactive complex derived from collagen hydrolysate and is created using a unique enzymatic process called AminoLock® Sequential Technology.

This unique manufacturing process was developed exclusively by Genacol’s Research and Development team and consists in improving collagen’s amino acids.

Its manufacturing meets the highest biotechnological standards and conforms to all the governmental requirements.  Its effectiveness has been proven by three published clinical studies.

AminoLock Collagen

It is a substance that provides the necessary elements to the body and helps to nutritionally support its collagen-building efforts.

When taken regularly, the Aminolock® Collagen gets exceptional results. The importance of collagen: collagen is a fibrous protein structure that makes up the white fibres (collagen fibres) in the skin, the tendons, the bones, the cartilages and all the conjunctive tissues.

Collagen is a protein found in all of the body’s structural support. With aging, our body produces less and less collagen which can result in a deficiency that is the source of numerous problems such osteoarthritis, joint pain, back pain, wrinkles, loss of strength and flexibility, and much more.


Our manufacturing process

Genacol’s AminoLock® Collagen is manufactured in Sunflower, Mississippi, USA, in an FDA regulated plant that is GMP and HACCP certified. It is created to a high standard using stainless steel equipment and a self-contained CIP (Clean In Process) system to ensure product cleanliness and traceability.

The manufacturing process includes:

  • Enzymatic Digestion
  • Multiple Filtration Purification Phases
  • UHT (Ultra High Temperature) Sterilization
  • On Site Spray Drying
  • In-House Water Purification

The result is a premuim quality collagen hydrolysate that is free from preservatives and additives. Genacol’s AminoLock® Collagen is also manufactured without GMOs and is gluten-free. The cattle used to produce our collagen are pasture-raised.



The proof of the effectiveness in using Genacol®’s unique Very Low
Molecular Weight AminoLock® Collagen is now patent pending in the USA (Application number 62/426,908) and Canada (Application number 017808-0005).
Recently,, an independent organization that evaluates nutritional products in the USA, recognized Genacol®’s clinical study as: ONE OF THE LARGEST STUDIES ABOUT COLLAGEN HYDROLYSATE.
The report also mentions that after 6 months of taking the collagen (Genacol®) 51.6% of the participants reported a reduction in pain (Bruyere, Comp Ther Med 2012).


The efficacy of our AminoLock® Collagen, demonstrated in three clinical studies, has led to patent applications for our technology in the United States (application number 62 / 426.908) and Canada (application number 017808-0005).