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  • Genacol Gold Plus 150 caps (Value Pack - 50 days supply)
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  • Genacol Plus (90 caps)
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  • Genacol XP (90 caps)
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  • Genacol Advanced (90 caps + 30 caps free)
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  • Genacol Original Formula 180 caps (Value Pack - 2 months supply)
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  • Genacol Plus 180 caps (Value Pack - 2 months supply) - SPECIAL PROMO
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  • Genacol Derma (Skin's Collagen) 240 caps (2-months supply) - EXP May 2023 Clearance Sales)
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What our customers saying about our products

I have been taking Genacol and Genacol Gold+ for almost 6 years. I must say it’s a superior product for joint repair.

I had meniscal and cartilage tears on my left and right knee areas sustained during physical exercise. It was rather serious and my physiotherapist had even advised me to go for surgery as I was limping.
I was also in great pain and had to use some form of knee support to help me walk better. However, I was very much afraid of any surgical operation and will avoid it as much as possible.

I faithfully and conscientiously started taking Genacol and Genacol Gold+, 3 capsules twice a day, morning and night, for a period of several months. Gradually, the pain and joint stiffness subsided. My knee joints felt a lot stronger and I was no longer limping. I was able to walk normally at a brisk pace, and run too!

I must say that this supplement is excellent for cartilage and joint repair. My skin is also much smoother due to the excellent collagen properties in it. I would highly recommend everyone to take Genacol/Genacol Gold+ to maintain their flexibility and joint health always.


I started taking Genacol as my 70 yr old godmother highly recommended it to me, though I was just near 40 yrs old then. I didn’t think it was necessary but she persisted that I needed to start taking Genacol as early as possible before it is too late once I hit middle age.

Fortunately, I listened to her and started popping these little capsules of Genacol since then. I made a switch to Genacol Gold+ once it was available a few years back.

After barely a week of taking Genacol, my beautician immediately noticed my face (skin) complexion had improved collagen and asked if I applied any special skincare onto my face. Hence Genacol not only helped my knee joint pain but also improved my skin elasticity with visibly positive results.

Now in my early 50s, I am glad to declare that I am able to jog freely again. It is a miracle and my active lifestyle came back after a long rest from since 34 years old due to severe knee joint pain.

I am proud of the tremendous improvement in my knee joint and have since recommended many of my friends and relatives to take Genacol Gold+ too.

Tay Kim Hoon Sharon

In recent months I have used Genacol for my ankles and I have seen real pain relief. These are caused either by osteoarthritis or by multiple sprains over the years. I have seen a good improvement especially when traveling when I have to walk miles every day. I am retired, I am 58 years old, I travel a few times a year, it really helps me a lot.

Diane Boisvert

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